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Across our team we have varied qualifications in mental health, psychology, social work as well as some neuroscience practices.

Our team have specialisations in Workplace EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) and Leadership Counselling. We also are experienced and qualified to help a range of ages from child and teen through to adulthood dealing with anxiety, additions, depression and burn-out. 

Please see below for each team member’s areas of specialisation.
Living Well Christian Counsellors Toowoomba Civic Precinct

The Team

Dirk Willner 2021

Dirk Willner

B.Th, Grad Dip Counselling & Integrated Psychotherapy (Spiritual),

Dirk has over thirty years of pastoral care and counselling in a ministry context as a pastor, and four years of professional counselling experience. With a Bachelor of Theology, Post-Grad Degree in Ministry, and Post-Grad Degrees in Psychotherapy, Counselling and professional supervision, Dirk has built a team of counsellors here at Living Well, and we all benefit from his experience as a trainer and leader.

Dirk has a special interest in Professional Supervision and has experience with counselling business professionals, eg: principals, teachers, pastors and ministers of Christian faith communities and church staff.

Penne Willner 2021

Penne Willner

B.Ed, Grad Dip Counselling & Integrated Psychotherapy (Spiritual), Professional Supervisor MACA Level 2

As the wife of a pastor, Penne discovered a natural gift that drew people to her, and as the congregation sought her wisdom, guidance and perspective, she found herself “accidentally counselling” for many years! While watching a presentation on how to better support congregational members through counselling, she and her husband felt a strong calling to this field and began training in 2018. With a Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Diploma of Lutheran Education, Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy(Spiritual) Penne worked in private practice for several years. Her interests in counselling are diverse and include counselling for depression, anxiety, stress, burn-out, trauma, distorted thinking, anger, and abuse recovery. Penne has experience with children, teenagers, pre-marriage, marriage, families and parenting as well as clergy and pastors’ wives counselling. She also offers counselling and instruction around empathy, recovery, resilience, values, forgiveness, identity, rebuilding emotions and relationships.

Rowena Scott 2021

Rowena Scott

BA/LLB, Grad Dip Teaching and Learning, Dip Counselling
MACA Level 1

Rowena’s career experience has included working in the rural sector, hospitality, retail and education. With a degree in Law (BA/LLB), a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning and Diploma of Counselling, Rowena also brings 9 years counselling experience working with children, parents and staff in her role as a school chaplain. Having grown up in a home with parents who were counsellors, Rowena appreciated their influence modelling how to listen and appreciate people’s unique circumstances. She enjoys counselling children, women, teachers, and has a special interest in assisting with rural challenges, grief and loss, anxiety, identity in Christ, and self-worth.

Stephen Albrecht 2021

Stephen Albrecht

B.Theology B.Counselling
MACA Level 4
Health Fund Accredited

Stephen brings a wealth of experience to our practice, with a career background across corporate, building and construction industries, and community services. While working as a pastor, Stephen first became interested in counselling and completed his degree in 2006. With a bachelor of counselling and a bachelor of theology, Stephen has experience working with individuals, couples, family groups, Mens’ groups, and adolescents. Special areas of interest include relationships, conflict resolution, communication skills, assertiveness, anxiety, depression, anger, grief and loss, shame, addictions, domestic violence, meaning and purpose, spirituality, theology and faith.

Stephen Belesky

B.HumServ (Counselling),
MACA Level 4
Professional Supervisor

Stephen has enjoyed a varied background in the Community Sector for 20 years, and currently works with LifeLine Darling Downs delivering Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills in a 20 week group program.

With a Bachelor of Human Services Counselling, Stephen enjoys all aspects of Mental Health Wellness and has a special interest in the challenges that come for Employees as they face difficulties in their workplace environment (EAP Counselling).


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